• Image of Knights of Timbre "Rite of Noise" cassette

Abstract destruction of an dead format. Providence-based visual artist Dave Fischer has spent decades producing some of the most challenging and desolate visual art that our species has ever been subjected to. Knights of Timbre is no exception. Only known to have one previous release on Animal Disguise and quietly turning himself on to have contributed to sporadic Hospital Productions compilations, Fischer’s work under the guise of Knights of Timbre (and ever more endangered is his works under Slow Death) is a rare occurrence and is to be taken very seriously. Knights of Timbre culls together to joint sound of obsolete electronics and self-written software, allowing the computers themselves to produce orchestrated, algorithmic ocsillation to take form using his own organic & mathematical hybrid of sound curation, software engineering and corralled mayhem. This was the sound that IBM was always looking to but too scared to pursue, without apology.

R&L006. Edition of 100.