• Image of Future Blondes "Vila’gok 2" cassette

With only a few sporadic recordings to document the hyperdelia nosebleed fixture that is the nomadic force of Future Blondes, only a select few have actually witnessed the collective myth that is only enhanced by the renegade trip that has been crafted by outsider artist Domokos and his Future Blondes creation. Previous endeavors with Helios Creed and current duties as evangelist for Rusted Shut, Future Blondes is a step sideways and around. This limited edition cassette documents one of their few live recordings to which Future Blondes have seen their sound evolve into part dance / part happening / part metaphysical freak out, taking place, with the help of Book of Shadows, at the Body Control performance space in Austin, TX of ‘10. Backside of this release switches gears in reverse to a previously unheard studio jam drone, employing the sound of one’s higher self into the ethereal realm of white light.

R&L004. Edition of 100.