• Image of iDEALISM Vol. 2

From Boomkat:

Killer avant-dancefloor and dank electronic selection from iDEAL feat exclusive tracks from PAN’s Sewer Election, Posh Isolation’s Varg, plus the hugely tipped Alexandra Atnif and Ryan Martin’s Copley Medal alias.

Sweden’s indomitable Dan Johansson a.k.a. Sewer Election - whose Vidöppna Sår was among the earliest LPs released by PAN - goes first with a pyroclastic torrent of molten distortion which calves away to, strangely enough, reveal acoustic guitar strums and soggy location recordings before handing over to keenly tipped American artist Alexandra Atnif, who really gets under the skin with a pair of thrumming rhythmic noise pieces demonstrating devilish discipline and a proper feel for biting-point tones. Keep an eye out for her new stuff.

Trust Ryan Martin’s Copley Medal alias to reset the scene with Ger Lopig on the other side. Following from last year’s Trance Below The Streets collaboration with iDEAL bossman, Joachim Nordwall, his latest sacrifice is an absorbing piece of drone torpor that could initially be a Deathprod piece or a Black Metal intro, but which eventually precipitates a deep, systolic pulse that marks up as the best we’ve heard from him.

Then the prolific Varg takes us to the edge with the purified, headlong oscillations and noise payload of Run No More Pts. I & II, primed to slice thru the floor or dank bedrooms with unrepentant, laser-guided precision.