• Image of Funkhouser "Reworks Drekka" Cassette

The first in a series of collaborative release from Drekka and others for 2016.

Indiana based composer Rob Funkhouser was given the source material for the Drekka LP, 'Unbeknownst to The Participants at Hand' (2015, Dais Records), in addition to various live recordings containing proto evolving versions of the works which form the LP. Funkhouser extensively reworked and embellished these source materials into an entirely new work.

Funkhouser says of the project:

"Approaching the work of Drekka is an exercise in sifting through layers. In the files he sent me, it became apparent that there was a whole sonic universe hiding in the realm of near-silence that has characterized much of his recent work. Thus in many ways the beginning of this project was my attempt to view and ultimately get inside this universe without destroying it in the process. I eventually got lost within it and as a result the project feels like a map back to my own musical space. There are times in these pieces where I cannot tell you what I made and what came from the source material without having the original file in front of me. This makes these special. I still can’t seem to get home without a map."

Pro-dubbed cassette edition of the album, limited to 50 copies, hand-numbered w/ screen-printed jcard on brown paper, and insert and download code printed on graph paper.

Original recordings taken from the source material for the Drekka LP, 'Unbeknownst to The Participants at Hand' (2015, Dais Records) and from various 2015 live performances by Drekka . Reworked and embellished by Rob Funkhouser in Indianapolis, Indiana . Design by 4K Design . Printed by In Case Of Emergency . A Day2 Alliance Product.